Konstrukto is a design office which specializes in developing professional designs of civil engineering buildings of different sizes and functions, using various technologies, and of aluminum, steel and wooden structures, as well as in providing construction expertise and implementing construction projects consistent with the Building Law and the Eurocodes.


All our designs are verified by experienced design checkers. We use best practice and introduce investors to the new trends on the market.

We are open to creative and innovative design solutions. Konstrukto's offer is always perfectly tailored to the requirements and potential of investors. We provide comprehensive assistance at every stage of construction investment design, assuring top quality service.


We are committed to providing professional services, convenient delivery times and a guarantee of top-quality design and engineering works to all our customers. Full customer satisfaction is, and has always been, the ultimate goal for Konstrukto.



Our services are addressed to architecture offices which are not afraid to take on new challenges.
We offer support and share our construction knowledge to arrive at
bold and interesting design solutions.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!


Geodesic dome is a structure stabilized by the mutual tension and compression of its elements. It is based on a network of repetitive modules in the shape of a triangle – which is the only rigid polygon.

Used as a construction element, it produces durable, lightweight and effectively designed self-supporting roof structures. Our dome structures are made of wood – the most ecological material.

Historyof Konstrukto

The first geodesic dome was built in 1923 according to the design of Walther Bauersfeld, a German engineer, to host a planetarium in Jena. In the late 40's of the 20th century, this concept was further developed and popularized by Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller (1895-1983), an American designer, architect, cartographer and philosopher, an outstanding representative of the hi-tech trend in architecture. He was the first person to use the name "geodesic dome". The semi-spherical frames of his buildings were surprisingly strong, stable, easy to construct and competitively priced (they allowed achieving a close approximation of a sphere while using a minimum of material). This effect was achieved by building near-spherical structures with the use of lattice pentagons and hexagons divided into triangles.

The very high strength-to-weight ratio was the secret of success, for the triangle happens to be the only rigid polygon. Used as a construction element, it produces durable, lightweight and effectively designed self-supporting roof structures (i.e. without columns, walls and other supporting structures). Such structures have entered the canon of modern architecture for good. Moreover, Richard Buckminster Fuller's domes inspired the commonly used design for modern footballs, consisting of pentagonal and hexagonal pieces. This model was first manufactured in 1950 by Adidas and it is often referred to as the Buckminster model.

Use: arbors, backyard winter gardens, roofs, summer houses, houses.


Structural designs
of buildings and structures.

Housing: detached houses, multi-family houses, office buildings, public buildings: hotels, schools, etc.,

Lightweight steel, aluminum, tension-member and membrane structures; event halls, modular halls, geodesic domes, structural roof support structures, non-standard roof structures, steel and reinforced concrete halls, outdoor shelters.

Civil engineering structures: reservoirs, trestle bridges, towers, chimneys, aerial masts, advertising structures.

Optimizing building designs.

Reducing the use of reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete structural components (continuous footing, spot footing, foundation plates, ceilings, poles, beams);

Reducing the weight of steel structures.

Redesigning structures to facilitate their construction and assembly.

Expert opinions and technical evaluation.

We provide expert opinions and technical evaluation of buildings and structures, assessing their suitability for further use or planned reconstruction.

Creating and maintaining
a building/structure operation and maintenance logbook.

We offer services related to creating and maintaining an operation and maintenance logbook, which is a collection of operation documents and a record of events and circumstances occurring in the course of operating a building or structure.

Investment project monitoring.

Comprehensive surveys of buildings/structures and their surroundings before the commencement of construction works.

Continuous risk monitoring in the course of construction works.

As-built surveys with a comparative analysis of the changes relative to the initial survey.

Property condition surveys.

We carry out property condition surveys for design, tender, reconstruction and post-completion purposes.

Energy performance certificates.

Preparing energy performance certificates for buildings and premises which are put into use, sold or rented out.

Servicesof Konstrukto


design of civil engineering structures:
lightweight aluminum, steel and wooden structures
design of tension member and
membrane coverings,

design of towers and masts,
design of structural roof
support structures,
spherical domes, bar shells,

detailed designs of steel
structures in accordance with PN-EN 1090,
strength simulations of design solutions
using the FEM method

design of tent halls made of aluminum alloys,
design of aluminum alloy profiles
for tent halls,

surveys on structural elements,
preparation of building permit designs,

preparation of the structural section of building permit designs,
land development design.


construction of aluminum,
steel and wooden structures,

non-destructive examination of welds
according to PN-EN 473: VT, PT, MT, ET,

construction of spherical domes
(the so-called Fuller’s geodesic domes),

construction of single-curved bar shells,

construction of energy-efficient
timber-frame and dome houses

We prepare comprehensive structural designs, from developing a concept to creating a detailed design.

  • 3D structural models, traditional drawings,
  • BIM cooperation, inter-branch coordination,
  • detailed designs of reinforced concrete structures,
  • shop designs of steel structures,
  • calculation of connections in steel structures,
  • possibility to generate: rm3, fem, dwg, dxf, png, tif, and jpg files, and many others,
  • specifications for steel structures: lists of ordered elements, shipped elements, connecting elements
  • specifications for reinforced-concrete structures: lists of components, volume of concrete, reinforcing bars,
  • designer supervision, verification of structural designs,
  • feasibility studies, structural consulting services,
  • detailed designs of reinforced concrete structures and shop designs of steel structures based on the provided calculations and guidelines – outsourcing of engineering services

Projectsof Konstrukto

Dome 7,5 m in diameter Dome 7,5 m in diameter Dome 7,5 m in diameter

Wooden structure

Dome 7.5 m in diameter, diameter at the base of 7,2 m. building area of 40 m2. Purpose: roofing next to the building of the Library. Location: Zbąszyń.

Silo 7.5 m in diameter Silo 7.5 m in diameter Silo 7.5 m in diameter Silo 7.5 m in diameter

Steel structure

Silo 7.5 m in diameter. 485 m3 volume. Silo is designed for post-production storage of bulk materials in the window factory. Location: Wolsztyn - Poland.

Dome 22,5 m in diameter Dome 22,5 m in diameter Dome 22,5 m in diameter Dome 22,5 m in diameter Dome 22,5 m in diameter Dome 22,5 m in diameter

Wooden structure

Geodesic dome 22.5 m in diameter. 400 m2 building area. Object for use all year round - snow and wind load for the location Granges - Switzerland. Resistant for seismic load. Purpose - an office building - building presentable.

Geodesic dome 30 m Geodesic dome 30 m Geodesic dome 30 m Geodesic dome 30 m

Steel structure dome

Geodesic dome: 30 m in diameter. Floor area 706,9 m2. Location: Władysławowo, Poland - "Lemon Park"

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